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Stresset over studiet eller arbejdet? – SÅ TAG MED GANAPATI EXPRESS!

Stresset over studiet eller arbejdet? – SÅ TAG MED GANAPATI EXPRESS!

Are you ready for a ride with Ganapati Express?

So get moving, and experience the music and rhythm of Hindustani fusion with Ganapati Express.

In october 2014 in Copenhagen (16th. to the 28th. of October) we are inviting our friends Ganapati Express, who are gonna perform perform indian “bhajans”, but in a new musical setting, Hindustani fusion style, integrating the influences from eastern and western music.
During the concerts there will short explanations about music and meditation. What you are taking home with you, are joyfulness, ligthness of the heart and peace of mind.

The playlist will contain more meditative songs as well more up-beat and dance-orientated songs, ….so its gonna be for your heart and for your feet!
– Definitely concerts not to be missed!

There will be:


We will talk about Stress Management, and how meditation can help reduce stress, create more balanced outlook on life and better health, so you are safe and sound.

The exact dates and venues will of course posted online, but if you would like to be notified about the concerts, then let us know either pr. sms or mail.

Listen to the music:


or here:

Want to hear more?
 Then send us a text or a mail, and we will notify you about the concert dates.ALSO: if you would like to know more about Sahaja Yoga Meditation and learn the natural, effortless FREE method of getting self-realisation, then write us a mail or call us for an introduction evening. Usually we are meeting up tuesdays at Østerbrohuset, Århusgade 103, 2100 Copenhagen OE from 19-21.00 (Dansesalen).

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