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What are the ways and means to raise the Kundalini?

What are the ways and means to raise the Kundalini?


Under min søgen efter mere information om Kundalini og meditation, er jeg stødt på spørgsmål og svar og sætter her ind en tekst, hvor spørgsmålet lød som overskriften:

Question: What are the ways and means to raise the Kundalini and what are the symptoms?


Rising of the Kundalini

Shri Mataji: The first one is I’ll do it now, so you will see it’s nothing so special, but the second one is that when you get your Realization first thing that happens to you that you become thoughtlessly aware to begin with when it crosses over Agnya chakra and when it pierces through this one you can feel the cool breeze coming out of your head, you can feel the cool breeze around yourself.

Now all these fingers are shown there you can see. They denote your centers. Only you have to understand the decoding of it.

Now supposing you take ten children who are realized souls and you tie their eyes and ask them: “What’s the matter with this gentleman?” Immediately, they will all raise the same finger, supposing they raise this finger and you ask that person: “Are you suffering from bronchitis?” They’ll say: “Yes, how do you know?” So, all these centers are decoded and once they are decoded if you know the decoding, if you know how to decode it, then it’s so easy, very easy you find out.

So this is the only thing we have to know about the decoding part of it, what is the center we are catching, what is the center others are catching? Now if you know how to correct the centers, you are all right. And the others are all right. It’s very simple it’s either left side or right side. Only two problems, basically.

I kan læse flere spørgsmål og svar på denne side:


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