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Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

Anahata The fourth Chakra

Deity : Shri Jagadamba
Gross (physical) level: Center of cardiac plexus, part of left plexus, sternum bone.
Manifestation (controls): Breathing, breasts
Qualities: Mother of the Universe, physical mother, sense of security, creation and nourishment of antibodies .
No. of Petals: Twelve (12)
Associated Day: Friday
Associated Color: Purple
Associated Planet: Venus
Associated Element: Air
Associated Gem: Ruby
Associated Symbol: Flame
Place on hand: Little fingers

Left Heart:
Deity : Shri Shiva, The Spirit – Atma, (Shri Parvati)
Gross (physical) level: Heart organ, and left cardiac plexus .
Manifestation: Heartbeat (Anahat – sound that is without percussion).
Qualities: Existence, life, joy, after Realisation Attention- Truth -Joy (sat chit ananda) .
Place on hand: Left little fingers

Causes of Catch/Obstruction:
Extreme physical /mental activity, heartfelt bad relations (especially motherʼs), outside Attention, Hatha Yoga, drugs, no seeking, no faith in God, anti-God activities.

Right Heart:
Deity: Shri Rama (Shri Sita)
Gross (physical) level: Cardiac plexus (right side)
Qualities: Dutiful life as father, husband, brother, Gracious, auspicious boundaries mantained (Maryadas).
Place on hand: Right little finger.

Causes of Catch/Obstruction:
Father or fatherhood problems , emotional aggression, arrogant or inconsiderate behavior, unlawful domination.

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