Verden er i dine hænder - Start med selv-realisation!
True meditation…NOW as podcasts!

True meditation…NOW as podcasts!

If you like to meditate in your own pace and wants to learn and hear more about Sahaja Yoga Meditation, then an option, would be to subscribe to the podcasts, either as an RSS-feed or in iTunes.
Theres plenty of topics and music, so jump into it, and experience it NOW..

Listen online or download a selection of the radio broadcast as a podcast to your computer, mobile device, iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Each podcast includes guided meditations, music and talks by Shri Mataji (founder).

Read more about by clicking on the image below..

presen_podcasts_600 or you go directly to link in iTunes by clicking on the image here:

The collective  IRL  meditation is always better, so if you are interested taking part in meditation or get an introduction evening, then write or text us. Theres programmes in english as well!

Enjoy the meditation!

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