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Agnya Chakra

Agnya Chakra

Agnya Chakra The Sixth Chakra

Deity: Lord Jesus Christ (Mother Mary)
Gross (physical) Level: Crossing of Optic Thalamus (pineal & pituuitary
Manifestation (controls): Sight, hearing, thought
Qualities: Forgiveness, Resurrection, Humility,
No. of Petals: Two (2)
Associated Day: Sunday
Associated Colour: White
Associated Planet: Sun
Associated Element: Light
Associated Gem: Diamond
Associated Symbol: The Cross
Place on hand: Ring fingers

Causes of Catch/Obstruction:
Roving eyes, lack of foregiveness, bad company.

Left Agnya
Deity: Shri Mahavira
Manifestation: Conditionings and memories
Qualities: SuperEgo
Gross Level: Right temple
Place on hand: Left ring finger
Causes of Catch:
Harm to self, self -pity, inability to forgive oneself, living in the past .

Right Agnya:
Deity: Shri Buddha
Manifestation: “I-ness”
Qualities: Ego
Gross Level: Left temple
Place on hand: Right ring finger.

Causes of Catch:
Wrong ideas about God, harm to others, worries, aggression, egoism.

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