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Vishuddhi Chakra – Week 5

Vishuddhi Chakra – Week 5

Vishhuddi Chakra PM

Gross (physical) level: Cervical Plexus (thyroid)
Manifestation (controls): Neck, arms, mouth, tongue, teeth, nose & face
Qualities: Divine diplomacy, collective consciousness, playful witnes s &
detachment,sense of fun and humor.
No. of Petals: Sixteen (16)
Associated Day: Saturday
Associated Color: Blue/Grey
Associated Planet: Saturn
Associated Element: Ether
Associated Gem: Sapphire
Associated Symbol: Timewheel
Place on hand: Index fingers

Causes of Catch/Obstruction:
Lack of collectivity, lack of witnessing power and detachment, lack of self-respect

Left Vishuddhi
Deity: Shri Vishnumaya (sister of Shri Krishna)
Qualities: Brother – sister relationship, self – respect and self confidence
Place on hand: Left index finger
Causes of Catch/Obstruction:
Guilt, immorality, foul language, sarcasm.

Right Vishuddhi:
Deity: Shri Yeshoda
Qualities: Witness of the self, Joy in self
Place on hand: Right index finger
Causes of Catch/Obstruction:
Food that is bad for the liver, fastidiousness.

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