Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Verden er i dine hænder - Start med selv-realisation!
Sahaja Yoga Meditation
10-week Free Online Meditation Course for inner transformation

10-week Free Online Meditation Course for inner transformation

Can we enjoy a peaceful state within, in our busy daily life?

PORTRAIT OF THE DAY – A moment of silence

Thoughtless awareness: there were 12-15 people participating in the course organized by the local association called Sahaja Meditation. BILLUND: Back straight, feet on the ground,...
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Sahaja Yoga har ændret livet for Elena og Mariia.

  Veninder deler deres erfaringer og glæde ved urgammel meditationsteknik med andre. Helt gratis endda.. Det er kommet helt automatisk Teknikken bag Sahaja Yoga er...
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Cool Check!

We are a group of young passionate people who are thrilled to share with you our discovery of Meditating and how it has dramatically improved...
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Det Nye århundredes Musa?

Ifb. Kundalini og den feminine strøm, der forandrer verden omkring os og indeni os, har vi fundet en historie fra vores national forfatter HC Andersen....
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Realise Scandinavia 2012

Realise the seekers in copenhagen The collective in denmark or copenhagen has been growing at a very slow pace, so when the Realise Scandinavia Tour...
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Do you meditate to find balance?

What is the challenge now, and how can we stay personally emotionally resilient? Meditation can help you gain balance, go inside, and find peace in...
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Sommerferie – summerbreak

FOREIGN SPEAKERS?: SCROLL DOWN THE POST Er du træt af søge på Google og vil heller søge indad? Sahaja Yoga Meditation kan praktiseres overalt, hvor...
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Season Start 2019/20

We are back after the summer break. September 2019 – May 2020 If you wish to join us in September for introduction classes, please contact...
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MATERIALS: On this page, we have listed all the materials, that we are presenting during the course You can download the PDFs by right-click on...
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