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PORTRAIT OF THE DAY – A moment of silence

PORTRAIT OF THE DAY – A moment of silence

Thoughtless awareness:
there were 12-15 people participating in the course organized by the local association called Sahaja Meditation.

BILLUND: Back straight, feet on the ground, palms upwards. Silence. It’s time to look inside oneself, not outside. For once we have the time for ourselves. My pen produces an extremely loud sound when touching the paper, as everyone is being silent. A crow is croaking outside; water is dripping down the roof. It’s been raining. The computer on the desk is continuously humming, showing title “Sahaja Yoga” on the wall.

It’s the local association, Sahaja Meditation, that has organized the event at Billund Library on a Saturday afternoon. Educators from Russia and Finalnd, as well as locals from Billund introduced the course Friday. The participants are a good mix of both men and women at different age, both from the Danish community in Billund and from international communities. They have taken their time to be alone with themselves and to look inside.

Through a guided meditation, they are asked to close their eyes and look inside themselves. To forgive without thinking of a specific person or a specific situation. They are guided to put their hand on the heart, then on the shoulder and then on the forehead, and finally 10-15 centimeters over the head, and afterwards to just keep attention inside and observe their inner state. It’s tingling and pricking, but none of the participants really feel like sharing what they have experienced. For how far is it allowed really? To meditate? To feel something?

The educator from Finland then tells the group about the different chakras, and what it means when one has some sensations on a certain finger. But it’s not about analyzing into oblivion, but rather about finding that state where there is less noise produced by our thoughts; and this is what Elena Hansen, a 30-year-old, has also learnt. She is the one who has been guiding meditation today; she experiences a lot of peace, joy, and satisfaction in her life. She does not get angry or irritated any longer, as she used to. Scientific proofs? Well, may be, it’s just time to be… Right here, right now.

Sahaja Meditation

…is a registered association. The association hold weekly meetings on Thursdays at 19:30 at Billund Library. They also organize workshops every third month. It is always free of charge to participate..

Everyone can learn to meditate – it’s no magic.

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