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Sahaja Yoga Meditation



– Thank you for your interest in Sahaja Yoga.

We have collective programs both in danish and english, so the language is no hindrance to start practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation.
We are having courses in Copenhagen, Billund and Ringsted

A lot of you have sent mails, but have forgotten to state mail, name nor phonenumber, which makes it a bit time-consuming to contact you.
Please fill out the required fields, if you want to be contacted!

or call:
Elena: +45 61417961 (Billund)
Kamana: +45 6052 6581 (Copenhagen)
Laura: +45 2694 9159 (Ringsted)
or write us on:

Online meditation: EVERY MONDAY evening from 19.30-20.30 right here

You can read more much about Sahaja Yoga in denmark in english here, or use the links in the bottom of the website.

– And remember:
Google can not satisfy all searches – search within!

One comment

  1. Maria


    I have been a few times to your class on nyder School and now i am back – but there is nobody here? Is it not every tuesday from 19-20?

    Thank you

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