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Have you experienced the Unity of cultures?

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Sign up for these events taking place all over Denmark from August 9th to August 14th 2022.

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As a consequence of the Russian invasion and war in Ukraine, there are many people on the run – and who have fled their homeland.


This concert series, which takes place across the country from August 9th to 14th is open to the public and free admission.
The tour originated from a desire to support Ukrainian refugees in Poland and the rest of Europe.

Ukrainian refugees, who have experienced war themselves, wanted to express cultural unity despite national borders and beliefs, and present music, arts, meditation and as experience of joy and peace to refugees, and everybody else.

  • The concert, featuring Mahuya Mukherjee and Manish Madankar, expresses the beauty of Indian classical music and will be accompanied by young musicians from various European countries.

    At the concerts. you will:
  • Hear music from Western and Eastern traditions with musical instruments (accordion, tabla, dholak, etc.)
  • See traditional Indian dance
  • Learn to find inner peace.
  • Do Henna painting (mehendi)

The volunteers behind WeMeditate have also organised concerts in Poland, and so the idea was extended to other countries, such as the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.

WeMeditate is a platform, where you can continue to meditate.

Theres several different languages, is your mother tongue represented as well?