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  • Silence your mind

    in just 10 minutes a day, try a new approach to meditation that can improve your happiness, wellbeing and productivity!

  • Spirituel kunst og William Blake

    Kunst og musik har de egenskaber at de kan løfte den menneskelige bevidsthed. Evnen til at skabe inspirerende kunst er et af menneskehedens mest ædle egenskaber.
    Men ikke alt kunst er spirituelt inspirerende – Kunsten selv må være på bølgelængde med Ånden, med andre ord afgive guddommelige vibrationer.

  • Expat Fair 2016

    Once again we are participating in the Expat Fair, taking place in Østerbrohuset: ”community and the good life”, where the Fair has sub-themes such as culture living, public living, healthy living and green living.

  • Free meditation courses in Denmark

    The meditation technique you will learn is called as “Sahaja Yoga” and has no physical yoga exercises. It gives you self knowledge, balance, and practical techniques to maintain balance in everyday life. It can also give experience called as “Self realization” where person can be completely one with him/her self without disturbing thoughts or emotions.

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