Verden er i dine hænder - Start med selv-realisation!
Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Do you meditate to find balance?

What is the challenge now, and how can we stay personally emotionally resilient?

Meditation can help you gain balance, go inside, and find peace in an everchanging and maybe confusing surrounding world.

Meditation has been practised for thousands of years. It continues being practised all over the world, and Scandinavia is not an exception. True meditation (we would like to emphasize, TRUE meditation) creates peace inside and helps you introspect and better understand yourself. It improves one’s general wellbeing and in many cases physical health. It helps one go deeper, beyond the pure materialism of the surrounding world.

Why does it matter now?

A lot of people who are under lockdown, in quarantine affected by the nCOVID-19 circumstances, are still learning and practising Sahaja Yoga Meditation. We are all experiencing changes, affecting us personally, emotionally and socially, but in our experience, this only gives us another reason to go inside and find that balance that’s there. If you want to learn to meditate, maybe now is the time to start and join us for collective meditation.
The classes are always FREE of charge, now, before or even “after” the crisis.
If you have not already tried it, maybe it can give you peace of mind, calmness, emotional balance and less stress, so you can even better cope with and handle externalities.

Join us online for guided meditations: