Verden er i dine hænder - Start med selv-realisation!
Realise Scandinavia 2012

Realise Scandinavia 2012

Realise the seekers in copenhagen

The collective in denmark or copenhagen has been growing at a very slow pace, so when the Realise Scandinavia Tour wanted to help increase the vibrations, we welcomed them wholeheartedly.

Saturday was the realize the streets of Copenhagen and only a few minutes after we had putted up the tent and the chairs, there were curious people, who wanted to know and experience more.

Some of the established gave out flyers to passerbys, and others were doing the Self-realisation on the chairs. Quite a few Danish people came by and sat down (contrary to the previous years) and most knew “something about meditation/kundalini”.

Hours passed and It was definitely joyful and deep joygiving, and something that we have missed so much during the years of being in a small collective.

It was the goal on sunday to give self-realisation in Fælledparken, Copenhagen
Again, some were handing out card and flyers and others were working on people.

And I remember two women, who were heading directly to us from around 100 mtrs. afar and when they came close they said: what is this meditation? Why is it free and so forth? and I hoped that they enjoyed the meditation very much and may they will come around one day or another.

We are now a group of 5 new people and about the same amount of established Sahaja Yogis, so thursday evenings are joyous, deeply meditative and the vibrations are wonderful and uplifting.

If you want to have an introduction, or be informed about the next introduction programme, then write on our gmail adress or call us.

see you soon!



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