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Greece & Greeks – Qualities of Nabhi Chakra & Goddess Athena

Greece & Greeks – Qualities of Nabhi Chakra & Goddess Athena

Jeg har tænkt meget over aspektet mellem Sahaja Yoga og hvad der sker i Grækenland og fandt denne artikel.

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For today’s article, the inspiration came from the collective mondial attention on what is happening in Greece: that is facing the economical crisis and even more, it seems that the fundamental social balance was also shaken in this country and tremors are sent everywhere in the world. The vote of confidence in Greece had reached its lowest point. Will it regain its balance? Will the world get that inner sense of Balance, or the economies will keep falling one after the other one?!We are all connected. Many Greeks are fleeing towards other places while social, economical and political turmoil is stirring this beautiful ancient country known as a paradise for tourists from all over the world. Corruption, laziness, greed, unhappiness, selfishness – all these words were associated to the Greek society in the recent days in various media channels. With this article we’ll learn about the specific subtle role that Greece was meant to play at the planetary level as well in connection to a chakra that is pivotal to each and every person in the world: Nabhi Chakra.


Greece & Goddess Athena – Connections to Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Shri Mataji: `Today I wanted to tell you something good about Greece before we start off .. Very interesting things have happened. When I went to Greece – I knew that I had to go to Greece – they told me that they believed in the beginning in one primordial Mother. But after sometime there were some Indo-Aarian people.. who came down to them and said, `Yes there is one Mother but She has many aspects and these aspects are expressed as different Gods.` And then they told about all the Gods, which you know of. But they later on made them absolutely human type of Gods and they spoiled it. Still there are certain things so amazing: like Athena is the name of the Goddess, the primordial Mother. But Athena – Atha, Atha in Sanskrit means the primordial. And they got the word from Athena.” `(Extracts from “Open Your Heart”-  Talk in England, 1981)

Shri Mataji: “It’s a very great day for me to see so many Sahaja Yogis here who are from this country, Greece.  When first I came to Greece, I told my husband that this country is full of vibrations and there have been many evolved souls in this country, but perhaps the people have lost their heritage, but the vibrations are in the atmosphere and one day Sahaja Yoga should prosper here very much.”

“And somehow, we met some bureaucrats who were Greeks and the experience was not good with them.”


Advices to Greeks & What’s Greece’s True Responsibility & Place in the World

Shri Mataji: “Now, you have to understand that you people have a very big responsibility because you’re strategically placed in Greece,you see. Greece and Turkey, both are very important. First of all, you are the bridge between the eastern side and the western side and everybody is interested in, somehow or other, managing and controlling these two areas so that they could control eastern and western side. I mean the western countries specially.

Now the greatest danger that you have now is that this western culture may try to grab you and which is very dangerous. To understand it, you have to know that you are people coming from a very great tradition, ancient people of ages just like Indians, and there is so much you can do to improve the culture of Europe by your own behaviour. Like these people we have coming here, tourists are coming and they see the behaviour of the Greeks.  The Europeans think that Greeks can be very easily influenced by their culture, by their cheap life.”

“When (Goddess) Athena came on this Earth her job was to create an integrated force, which will have the whole Chaitanya (divine vibrations) spread like an integrated force so that when it will be all disintegrated later on it can integrate. So the Greeks have a job, special job, is to integrate, you have to integrate people which are left sided and right sided..this power of receding back and is the integrating power, by which you integrate within yourself both the qualities of the left and right and you balance it and you see now that`s alright. If you have to be in the centre, we should go up to a point and come back and this is a very basic quality of Greeks in every respect.”

“Just you (as Greeks) should start from Socrates onward. Of course, we should.. forget about Plato ..because I don’t think.. had much sense of spirituality. But most of these people have talked about Self Realization. And there’s no religion in which they have not talked about Self Realization.”

Connections to Mother Mary & Christ & Sahaja Yoga Meditation

“So, as you being such traditional people, down to earth and so many, so many good things you have known in life, it’s very important to understand the historical background of your country, first of all. For Sahaja Yogis it is very important to be educated that way because tomorrow you’ll have to talk to other people and you’ll have to tell them about Athena, about your traditions, about your background and how it is connected to Sahaja Yoga, connected to Mother Mary, connected to Christ and all those things. For this, it is very necessary that we all should try to understand the historical background of this country and educate yourself in a way that you can talk about SahajaYoga.


Goddess Athena & Greece — Adi Shakti & Manipur Chakra

Shri Mataji:As it is, you know, (goddess) Athena has the Kundalini in Her hand and you can see that clearly that She was the Adi Shakti. Actually, in Sanskrit language ‘atha’ means ‘primordial.’ So She was the Primordial Mother. Because there was no connection left between the Greeks and the Indians, this, I mean, translation was not there and they didn’t know what to mean by ‘Athena.’ But Indians know that it is — this is the place for the manifestation of the Adi Shakti (the primordial energy /goddess) because in the ‘Devi Mahatmyam’ (Hindu scripture) if you read, you will find out they have described Greece as the Mani-dweepa (Sanskrit). Means ‘the island in the Manipur’. Manipur is this Nabhi Chakra (the 3rd energy centre). So in the Nabhi there’s an island where it is Greece, where the Goddess resides. Manipur chakra is where She resides.

And so, this Athena has been described, then when I went to Her temple I found that there was a little temple for the child of God. That was Shri Ganesha (principle that governs the Root energy centre in the chakra diagram). And then, when I went to Delphi, also when I went there, I was surprised to see, they showed me a mound, said, ‘This is the Nabhi, navel of the whole universe.’ I said, ‘That’s correct.’ But when I turned round there was lots of vibrations and what I find is a Ganesha statue there. When Gregoire came here he took photographs and everything and he saw that:

“Athena is one Adi Shakti and she created Ganesha here and the balance of the
universe (or all the Dharmas).. is in the Nahbi Chakra.”

“So now you are the Nabhi. You are sitting here in the Nabhi of the whole universe. So how important is Nabhi? You know that very well, that Nabhi Chakra gets spoilt the whole life becomes miserable for a human being.”


Nabhi Chakra – Source for The Greek Tragedy & Global Peace

“So, on the right side of the Nabhi (chakra), as you see, is the liver and because, of course, we had lots of philosophers, they used to think a lot and they created lots of tragedies, you see Greek tragedy’s well known, where marriage system was little bit challenged, that there was, say, two men, one woman or maybe two women, one man and never they felt happy with the marriage. So the left Nabhi was under attack, throughout. To have such a tragedy, they wrote so many, I would say, so many dramas and they played them here and so many plays were there showing that there are two men and one woman or two women and one man and no relation between the husband and wife which was pure. And that was the tragedy. It’s known all over as the Greek tragedy. It’s all imaginary and people, you see, became very left-sided to begin with. They started thinking, “Oh, this life is a misery. It’s a tragedy. What should we do? Why should we — why should we try to show that we are happy? We are very unhappy people.” And all these things started here to begin with.

Then came these — your Orthodox Church. Now this Orthodox Church is another one, which, of course, is really — doesn’t treat women very well and treats them as if they are all the time unholy. Certain times they cannot go to church and they cannot touch people, all kinds of nonsensical ideas they had. That also made women very left-sided. Then, on top of that, all this was happening with these tragedies and all that, suddenly the economic problem came up and people felt very, sort of, disgusted about that. So the left side became very, very prominent here and that is how I think many of these left-sided, bhootish organizations started and many gurus came who made you feel miserable. But the worst that was done by the Greek Church which made you feel so guilty. So you became very left-sided.

Now this left-sidedness was later on counter-balanced by people who started to becoming overactive, thinking too much, working too hard and all those things. But still, I think that they don’t work very hard as they should work. They’re on the lazy side, the Greeks are. They’re on the lazy side. Of course, the Sahaja Yogis are not. The Sahaja Yogis have worked very hard, I can see all that very clearly.”


Greek Mythology – Hindu Mythology: Goddess Athena`s  Subtle Journey from Greece to Himalayas & Back (from Crown Chakra-Sahastrara to Nabhi Chakra)

Shri Mataji provides a wealth of (subtle) knowledge (in 1989) :

“Why should Mother come last to Greece ? Because now Athena is in the Sahastrara (chakra level).. so I had to bring Sahastrara here, isn’t it? Sahastrara is the last Chakra one has to achieve, so I thought that let Greeks grow up to the Sahastrara point. So we have to establish Sahastrara and thus it is a very awful work we have to do in Greece, because actually at the time when Athena came here it was not Sahastrara, it was Nahbi, because she was actually on the Himalayas, came from Himalayas. So now to bring Himalayas here or to bring that purity in Greece is a tremendous task and we have very few Sahaja Yogis, we have a problem, big problem, how we’ll establish here.. The Deva Loka was formed here and Devas were – they ruled here, no doubt. But in the human awareness they were brought down to the human level, like Zeus was Purashuram, Parasurama ( the sixth avatar or Lord Vishnu -that governs the Nabhi chakra), the one who was an incarnation to announce the advent of Shri Rama and he came before Shri Rama, died also very much before Shri Rama. But they painted Zeus as a man who was a womaniser, so all gods were brought to level of human beings, bestowed with all the weaknesses you see, actually decorated with all the weaknesses like that. And that is responsible for the downfall because this part of the country is on the pattern of Deva Loka, a reflection of that. But this Deva Loka is now,  has become the opposite, because Deities have been brought down to such a low level to such degrading.. even the mythology also in India talks about them like this not to such an extent, but about Indra they talk and like Indra`s description comes like this, that the king Hiranakapashus wife was living, Hiranakapashus wife was a sainty lady and Hiranakapashus was ruling in the area of you can say Kandahar and Afghanistan and all these places and from here Indra went down and took away the wife.. I mean, the Gods incarnated here…“

How Sahaja Yoga Meditation can Help?! Even with World Peace

“So, now to bring out Sahaja Yoga in Greece, is important, first of all, to know what is our historical background. The second.. should be very well equipped with the knowledge of chakras and centres and how to improve these centres. If you do not have that knowledge, you cannot face people. It’s not that only men should know, women also should know everything about it. What is the chakras are, how they work out and what are their results are, how do we suffer because our chakras are in danger. All this knowledge is free to you. You don’t have to pay for this knowledge. Only thing, every day to day life, when you start working out Sahaja Yoga, then you’ll find out that what I’m saying is absolutely tangible. You can verify it. It is so. It’s not something in the air. It is absolutely there.

We can prove everything that we believe in and we can show others also that this is the Truth. It is an Absolute Truth. We are not here to spread some sort of a fanaticism or racialism or anything like that, but we are here to combine the whole world together under one understanding that we belong to One Universe and we have one universal religion.”

How to Achieve World Peace

“World Peace can be achieved only when people in charge of world affairs get their self-realisation. They are leaders of different countries and through a Sahaja relation they will respect and love each other. They will be like benevolent kings described by Socrates, who will think of global peace. Today it seems as if the whole world is ablaze with war.

For example, the war in Bosnia is the misidentification of Croats, Muslim and Serbs. They follow the Christian and Muslim religions. The Croats are Catholic Christians but do they follow Christ?

What about Muslims who believe in the formless God and despite this fight for land? Actually, Mohammed never talked of an exclusive religion. He talked about Abraham, Moses and Christ in a series and the fourth was himself. Even Christ talked about Abraham and Moses. Why do people who follow Moses, Christ or Mohammed fight? They have the same roots. At least these three religions should produce people who understand the oneness of their religions. Of course, the Hindu religion is not exclusive. It accepts all the religions but even Hindus in charge of religious affairs have made different laws for different religions. They are taking advantage of the minorities for votes in the Democracy. (The Meta Modern Era by Shri Mataji-excerpt)

How Sahaja Yogis can Help People?!

” But all of you must know one thing for definite that you all have these powers to cure yourself, improve yourself, to help others. You can do everything yourself. You all have these powers, but the only thing is you have to be sincere and honest. If you are not sincere and honest, it will never work out. On the contrary, it will boomerang.

So, in Sahaja Yoga, it’s very important is the Sincerity of Purpose. You must have complete sincerity of purpose that you are here to achieve your own self emancipation, first. And secondly, you are here to help others. The people all along in the whole world now require help. There’s so many problems, so many catastrophes, so many horrible things we everyday know going on.” (excerpts from various talks and lectures of Shri Mataji – the founder of sahaja yoga meditation)

Shri Mataji: “So now we need people who are solid, who are balanced, who are peaceful, who understand what is right and what is wrong.”

Socrates: “But what we need is that the only men to get power should be men who do not love it.”

Old Warning that Coruption in Greece will be Exposed: Qualities Needed – Defects Avoided


“Many people will say, ‘All right, we were so religious, we were praying to Christ, we were praying to this one, praying to that one. What did we get?’ You cannot get it because you are not connected. You have to be connected. Once you are connected to that, then you will find that things start sorting out.

But sincerity is very important and faith in yourself. You must have faith in yourself that you’re quite capable, quite capable person and you can achieve a very high degree of awareness by which you can work out many things. It doesn’t matter from what sort of background you come in. It doesn’t matter what sort of country you come in, race, anything. You all can do very well and we have seen this happening in so many countries where we had no hope at all.

I had a conference with the scientists. There were about three hundred of them and I started talking to them about science. I thought, better start with science. They said, ”Mother, no more science, no more science. Tell us the science of God.’ Such open-minded people. Now, what’s the use of this democracy which doesn’t take us to God. It doesn’t give us sense that we should seek God and we should be humble towards God. So what’s the use of having this kind of a democracy and this kind of freedom which has made us mad and idiotic. And that’s very true about any democratic country because you must know that democracy is money-oriented.

And you know Greeks are very money-oriented people also, as well. Of course, they’re not as bad as Americans, but they are quite money-oriented. Also, Italians are very money-oriented, but the worst is the corruption. Now Italy is getting exposed. I’m sure your country will also get exposed. All these countries are to be exposed. But, first of all, the Sahaja Yogis have to be firm people. They have to be very, very firm and they should know that Sahaja Yoga is only spirit-oriented, nothing but spirit-oriented, that you have to have your spirit enlightened, that your spirit has to work everything, that you are not this body, this money, this position, these powers, nothing. But you are the Spirit. This is what one has to know.”

Important: Collectivity – Attention – Meditation


“So, now for that, two things have to be done. Firstly, is that you should come to collective. It’s very important. You all should come to collective and .. You have to keep your attention all right. It’s very important..come to the collective and watch out for your attention. Where is your attention? Where are you looking? Are you turning your head too much or are you putting your attention straight? It’s very important that you must keep your attention absolutely wrapped and towards the meetings that you have here for your collective. In that way, when your attention is fixed you’ll find you’ll definitely rise into thoughtless awareness, a state where you grow spiritually. You have to rise up to that state of thoughtless awareness where you grow spiritually. If you’re not in thoughtless awareness, you cannot grow in your spirituality. So it’s very important to see where is your attention. Where are you putting your attention? If the attention could be controlled then things will be all right.”


The Future of Greece – Seen by our Motherly Yoga Master

Shri Mataji: “So, I again tell you that Greece is a place where you can do a lot. First of all, you must establish yourself in Sahaja Yoga and you have to know what you are, all the time to remember what you are. You are a Sahaja Yogi.

Even to children, you have to say: ‘You are a Sahaja Yogi’ so they also develop that personality by which they behave properly and they behave in a manner that a Sahaja Yogi should behave.”

(Excerpts mostly from a Speech offered by Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation – at the international meditation seminar 1993, Athens, Greece)

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