July – August

July and August 2018

We are shifting the meditations to outdoor activities during June, July and August.

We are meeting up in front of Østerport station (hotel) and go the nearby park for collective meditations.

  • Tuesdays from  19.00 – 21.00. 

If you plan to attend, it is important that you either text or call Tuesdays latest at 18.00, so we know how many and who to expect

  • In case of bad weather, we have an indoor location as an alternative.

September 2018 – May 2019

The date of starting up the indoor activities will be announced on our event page here

To better provide what you are searching for, please share with us:
– why do you want to meditate?
– Do you
know anything about Sahaja Yoga Meditation?
– How would you like to benefit from Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

In case you are hindered, you can practise “on the go” by taking the online course here  or if you are fond of podcasts, you can “keep up” listening here.

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